The Process - 5 Steps to a Great Garden


STEP 1. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation can be treated as a standalone process or as the starting point to design and build the landscape.

We will meet with you on-site to discuss your vision and ideas and develop a shared view of your garden. Notes, sketches and photographs are taken during this time. Fees may apply.

Following the initial consultation, a design brief and fee proposal outlining the scope of work will be created.

*Country Properties
Our services are not constrained to the general metro. area. If you have a country property of home outside of the general metropolitan area that needs our help, please contact us for more information regarding any surcharges that may apply.

STEP 2. Design Concept Plan

A site analysis is conducted whereby we document all relevant design information.

At this stage, we ask that you have ready a copy of any relevant plan or survey of your property so we can provide a more accurate and efficient service. If you have no plans of a survey we may need to engage the services of a land surveyor. Alternatively, if the site has a simple terrain a survey can be undertaken by ourselves.

Based on the design brief, a plan outlining the proposed landscape design, structural elements, planting style and material suggestions is prepared. These plans will also help with budget setting and give us a design that is realistic in both function and cost.

STEP 3. Detail Documentation

After confirmation that you are happy with the Design Concept Plan the next step is to prepare detailed drawings for use by the landscape contractor to accurately price and construct. These drawings will generally include the following:

i. A Hardscape Plan that shows the layout of all hard and soft areas of the proposed garden, a materials schedule and construction specifications.
ii. A Planting Plan that shows all areas of the proposed garden, a detailed plant list with plant names, quantities, pot sizes.
iii. Construction Details & Elevation Drawings (where required) that show any required detail drawings and elevation drawings for relevant components.

iv. Lighting design plan. The lighting design is outsourced and a plan indicating light types and location is produced. This is a no-cost service.
These drawings may vary as they depend on the individual site and the scope of the design.


STEP 4. Construction

During construction, each component can be overseen by the designer to ensure that what is built will fulfil the design’s intent.

STEP 5. Maintenance

To ensure that the landscape fulfils its design intent into the future it is recommended that a maintenance program is put in place.

We can recommend garden maintenance teams or provide expertise in tailoring a maintenance program for the client to implement themselves.