'THROUGH THE KEYHOLE' was a show garden displayed at the 2010 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Commissioned by Guide Dogs Victoria, this garden was designed to send a strong visual message to those visiting the garden show about what a garden means to someone who is unsighted. To do this design breaks the garden into areas that visually represent a single non-visual sense.

Touch is represented by 15sqm of Giant Liriope planted out as a vertical garden that wraps the deck.

Sound is represented by a Water Chandelier that was created by combining Mance Design's Hedgehog Lights with and IP rated light fittings.

Taste is represented by a fruit and vegetable garden.

Smell is represented by a herb garden

There is a children’s play area and outdoor covered seating, a place for a young family to play and interact.

Follow the line of the white walls and you will see the shape of a keyhole. We are looking through the keyhole and unlocking the senses that are all too often stifled by the dominant sense of sight.

“It is a garden that treats the sighted and unsighted as equals.” - james dawson

Through the Keyhole
Through the Keyhole 1
Through the Keyhole 2
Through the Keyhole 3